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Citizen Rahe

YFP: The American government was created, in large part, to protect the right to ‘life, liberty and property.’  The Greek polis, on the other hand, was ill suited to the protection of personal liberties, because it allowed such great political liberty.  Why were the Greeks willing to sacrifice private liberty for political liberty?

Athens in America

Professor Steven Smith on the university in politics and politics in the university ’ December 1998

YFP: I guess the first place to start would be whether you think that one of the major purposes of the University is to make citizens, to fit people to be better citizens? 

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Yale Law’s John Lott on the impossibility of campaign finance reform ’ April 2000
Free Press: Recent studies of yours have been critical of the ideas that 1) prevalent gun ownership increases crime, 2) campaign contributions unduly influence congressmen, and 3) predatory pricing hurts consumers, among others. All these studies have wielded social science tools against conventional wisdom. Why do you do that type of work?

Gelernter Unplugged

His bookshelf is lined alternatively with a collection of W.H. Auden’s poetry, Computer Networks, Scripture and Translation, and paperback arcana of esoteric computer languages. Their owner, David Gelernter, is a link between the too-oft-divided worlds of artificial intelligence research and serious devotion to poetry, art, and literature.
He has written recently for Commentary, National Review, the New Republic, and City Journal, and has published a book about the World’s Fair of 1939.

The World Is Not a Church

Harry Adams ‘47, BD ‘51 has been Chaplain of Yale College since 1986. Adams has been at Yale for 36 years, serving as an Associate Dean as well as Master of Trumbull College. Adams will retire from the chaplaincy this spring.
Intolerant Religious Tolerance 
YFP: Do you see the chaplaincy as specifically religious or secular?
HA: Religious. Absolutely.
YFP: What religion should the chaplain profess?
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