Hobbes, Locke, and the Tradition of Religious Toleration

Religious toleration and Thomas Hobbes seldom share the same sentence in discussions about religious acceptance in the context of Western thought—however, a joint interpretation of fundamental excerpts from the works of Hobbes and Locke, will show parallel opinions about the principles of religious toleration expressed by these two thinkers; further, the analysis of the contrasts that distinguish the views of Hobbes and Locke regarding religious freedom can offer new insights into why Locke has become remembered as an advocate of religious liberty while the views of Hobbes concerning this topic have been misconstrued.

California Court Rights an Injustice

In December a California judge enjoined against California’s Proposition 209, the California Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), which would have banned all discrimination and special treatment in California on the basis of race, nationality or ethnicity. The judge believed that the state constitutional amendment might be itself unconstitutional.

David Kessler is Watching

Yale Medical School Dean David Kessler hates cigarettes. He is none too fond of liberty or people’s ability to make informed choices. He does not even like orange juice. Throughout his term as head of the Food and Drug Administration, he proved himself to be a friend of the regulators and managers rather than the common (read ‘ignorant’) man who loves pleasure and liberty. After all, while he was at the FDA Kessler noted, ‘The American public does not have the knowledge to make wise health care decisions. ‘The FDA is the arbiter of truth. ‘Trust us.

The Great Equalizers

Americans have always protected our homes and preserved our liberties with the help of guns and ammo. As restrictions multiply, we must remember that guns are’ 

Gun restriction has already started one war in North America. It happened when the government tried to enforce an assault weapons ban. Of course, it was the British government, and the assault weapons were those possessed by citizens of Massachusetts, in the towns of Lexington and Concord. 

The Prosperity Haters

In 1940, when you got a cup of coffee ‘to go,’ you might have scalded your hand if you weren’t careful. At least in a few cities, the same might be true in 1992. In the intervening period, a Styrofoam cup held the coffee, keeping it hot and your hand cool. But environmentalists have deemed that cup immoral; they want us to use paper.

Recycling Assumptions Mostly Garbage

Though most Yale students would admit that the environmental movement has its radical elements, the vast majority does not consider pervasive programs like recycling controversial. For instance, between 1991 and 1992, recycling at Yale increased by 400%. The wisdom and utility of recycling and the Green Cup agenda have generally been accepted without questioning or resistance.

Republicans in Retreat

The modern American Right is in a state of resignation. Most recently, Christian conservative Paul Weyrich wrote that the proper way for conservatives to escape the great American morass was to withdraw from the culture war altogether and concede victory to the Left. The larger war is not winnable, says Weyrich; but the preservation of the distinction between right and wrong and the sanctity of family can be accomplished on a small scale. 
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