Grinding the Axe

Let’s Take It Slow: A Conservative’s Guide to Shaping Pro-Life Legislation

Six years ago, senior lecturer and diplomat-in-residence Charles Hill gave a lecture on Thomas Aquinas’ political philosophy. His lecture focused on natural law. Natural law, he explained, prohibits people from undertaking actions that humans know are inherently immoral. At the end of the lecture, an audience member asked him to provide an example of a transgression against natural law. Hill responded, “Abortion.” Unabashed by the collective intake of breath that filled the Whitney Humanities Center, he continued: “You just know it’s wrong.”


Tired of sitting on the sidelines while others engage in ethnic conflict  
over ancestral territory? Fight phallocentric oppressors like Bill Clinton  
who only seek to legitimize conquest.  Remember ”

This Land is Our Land 

C. R. E. T. I. N.

Committee to Restore Ethnic Territory to Indigenous Nations 

Best of Graphic Violence: A safe gun;

Picture of a gun

“Hello, you have activated your finely crafted Smith & Wesson firearm. Due to Federal regulations, your firearm has been equipped with a state-of-the-art safety system.” 

“If this is an emergency, please press nine, and a customer service representative will assist you shortly. Please remain on the line – your call is important to us.” 

“If you are a five-year-old child, put the gun down.” 

The Best of Media Watch

Sample headlines from the YDN’s objective political reporting team 
‘Professors criticize Bush tenure’ 
‘October 5 
‘Nordhaus Blasts Bush’s Economic Record’ 
‘October 6 
‘Bush’s Leadership Fails Minorities’ 
‘October 19 
‘Catholics Lean Toward Clinton’ 
‘October 22, 1992
‘Sound’ sixth-grade sex 

The Best of Yale Notes

November 1992 
‘85% of rapes are never reported,’ says Women Breaking the Silence. So how do they know?
On most campuses, rape is a less serious crime than plagiarism, says Women Breaking the Silence. Reading this, the YFP immediately rushed to consult our copy of the Undergraduate Regulations. Our discovery? According to Yale’s campus regulations, murder is also a less serious crime than plagiarism.


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