Freshman Question

A Coarse Critique

Unless you were a child prodigy in high school, much of your first year at Yale will be spent taking overviews, surveys, or intro classes. Some of these offerings at Yale are downright awful. Some are spectacular, and all are available to freshmen. 
Word of mouth is the best bet for selecting courses, but the YFP  would like to add a few rules of thumb and information about popular freshman fodder. 

Bizarre Bazaar

Forget about classes. Despite what some Group IV majors might tell you, the center of Yale life remains its unbelievable array of undergraduate organizations. Yale students regularly find themselves devoting more time to their activities than their classes. A real Yalie blows off classes, tests, papers, and sometimes funerals to rehearse with his singing group, publish his journal, or plan a party for his fraternity. A few Yalies have been so enthusiastic for their activities that they have actually flunked out. But don’t worry, it probably won’t happen to you.
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