Foreign Correspondence

Murderous Favored Nation

Tiananmen Square was peanuts. Millions of people have been lost in the laogai. Every one of those lives was precious. The Chinese people have a saying: ‘We’re not looking for the tree but also for the forest.’ The Chinese preoccupation with the majority has led to abuses by dictators like Mao Zedong. The forest is too important. ‘I speak up for the trees. Each one has a name, a face, a soul, a family. Some of them were my friends. 
‘Harry Wu

Spring Break in Afghanistan

Over spring break the Yale Free Press sent two correspondents to Afghanistan. The two, Charles Bork and Gregory D’Elia, entered the war-torn country on March 6 posing as Afghan peasants. They spent five days with resistance fighters in the province of Paktia where they witnessed a battle between the mujahedeen and government forces. The two also visited refugee camps located in Pakistan.

My Trip to Nicaragua

My interest in going to Nicaragua was sparked in December by a table tent which advertised a delegation to ‘see the reality for yourself.’ It did not take long to figure out where the students at that first meeting and the New Haven/Leon Sister City Project representative stood on the political spectrum. Comments ranging from how Reagan is a ‘fascist pig’ to how the Nicaraguans are ‘victims of U.S. imperialism’ are not difficult to interpret.

In Search of Liberalism, Chinese-Style

There is perhaps no greater symbol of communist China than the massive portrait of Mao Zedong facing south toward Tiananmen Square, the spiritual home of Mao’s New (read: Socialist) China. At the center of the square sits the Monument to the People’s Heroes, an obelisk to those revolutionaries who fought off the evil imperialists and capitalist running dogs. Of course, Mao himself lies in state in a massive mausoleum located at the south end of the square with architecture that could only be described as Stalinist.

Bombing for Dollars

If the United States and its European allies expected a swift resolution to the conflict in Kosovo, they have been proven bitterly wrong. In waging a war against Serbia and its bellicose leader Slobodan Milosevic, NATO has set into motion a chain of events which calls for far greater involvement than any member of the Western military alliance had initially foreseen.
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