New Student Organization Against Trump Forms

August 11, 2016
YFP Staff

A new student organization was registered yesterday called “Yale Undergraduate Conservatives Against Trump.” The founder and president, Alexander Michaud ‘17, provided the Yale Free Press with a statement following the group’s official registration: 

“Many of my conservative peers and I were dismayed when the Yale College Republicans endorsed Donald Trump. He is not a conservative, he does not represent conservatives, he is unpresidential in every conceivable way - he’s an unapologetic blowhard. It is not only sad to see that the YCR’s leadership would affirm the party line over principle, but would also be willing to send the world the message that Yale conservatives are a bunch of sell-outs. YUCAT will broadcast the opposite message, and organize activism on behalf of real conservatives.”

Michaud went on to describe YUCAT’s ambitions for the coming semester, including deliberations to endorse a third party candidate, canvass on behalf of said candidate, and organize demonstrations against Mr. Trump. Membership is open to all interested. He has made himself available for inquiries at

Update (8/11/16 11:21AM) 

Upon a request for comment, The Yale College Republicans referred the YFP to a post on their Facebook page for their thoughts on the Yale Undergraduate Conservatives Against Trump group. The post reads: 

We welcome the addition of new political groups at Yale and applaud the students who wish to exercise their rights of free speech and assembly. We will always welcome dissenting opinions on campus because we believe Yale is a setting in which its students should not be afraid to voice their views or challenge their peers.”

Update (8/11/16 1:41PM)

Yale Undergraduate Conservatives Against Trump has since launched a website,