Editorial Staff

Sarah Geach, Editor-in-Chief

Kobe Rizk, Publisher

Ian Salvamoser, Editor

Peter Luff, President of Board of Trustees


Alexander Michaud DC ‘17

Andrew Salmon CC ‘18

Reed Morgan TC ’17

Emily Baczyk SM ‘17

Brooks Chupp DC ‘19

Burke Snowden ‘20


Board of Advisors

Charles Bork
Freelance Photographer

David Steinberg
Screenwriter of Slackers

Jonathan Adler
Assistant Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve School of Law, Contributing Editor of National Review Online.

David Ross
Lecturer in Department of English at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Julian Ku
Assistant Professor of Law at Hofstra University School of Law

Neomi Rao
Clerk for the U.S. Supreme Court, Hon. Clarence Thomas

Mark Chenoweth
Attorney in Washington, D.C.

Brian Carney
Editorial Writer for Wall Street Journal International

David Millstone

Eve Tushnet
Freelance Writer

Katherine Mangu-Ward
Editor-in-Chief of Reason Magazine

Joseph A. P. De Feo, Jr.
Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights

Alexi Sargeant
Assistant Editor of First Things

Quinn Shepherd
Senior Undergraduate Advisor